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Know Your Leather

Bycast leather (also known as bonded, split leather or PU leather) is split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied
to the surface and then embossed.

This leather consists of a uniform surface by means of a basecoat of pigments and resins followed with a protective topcoat. They can be identified by their consistent colour and uniformity.

Pull Up leather is a full grain, aniline dyed leather that is oiled or waxed. When pulled, the oils or waxes cause the colouring to migrate and become lighter in the pulled areas.

Semi-aniline hides have a light surface coating applied to the leather after dyeing. Hides in this category show fewer natural characteristics and are harder wearing than full aniline hides. Often used in sofa and upholstered chairs.

Know About Your Leather

Leather is arguably the most desirable upholstery and automotive interior covering in South Africa if not globally.  At present the South African market is one of the leading leather producers worldwide. The most popular of leather applications, is for the furniture and automotive industries.

The use of animal skins by man goes back thousands of years. It is undoubtedly true to say that the leather industry is one of, if not the oldest industries known to man. No one can be pointed to being a particular genius in the history of the industry and it is not a history of spectacular inventions or of outstanding contributions by great names, but a steady progress stemming from the experience, integrity and skill of innumerable craftsmen tanners over literally thousands of years. Leather is made from the skins of any animal, reptile, bird or fish, by a process called tanning. This process preserves the skin, which would otherwise quickly decay or putrefy.From the primitive methods of early man, the industry today is highly scientifically based and constant research is applied towards improving leathers to fit in with modern living.

Our Speciality


From ripped leather and panel replacement to cat scratches, we offer full leather repairs

Repair & Recolor

Repair cuts, tears, pet damage and more.Recolor stains, scuffs, faded and worn areas…even change colors if you’d like.

Automotive & Marine

We offer repair and restoration services for all the leather in your car or boat.


A unique repair, cleaning, restoration and protection service for those who appreciate the highest standards in the care of fine leather garments

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    Having just got our couches back and seen the totally outstanding job you have done I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone. We are absolutely stunned that you have been able to restore them to like new given the extent of the cat scratches and pulls. Forever thankful to you for such a professional job.

    Mqondisi Ntini

    CEO, Advisor

    The transformation is astounding. My zebra ottoman had a huge rip and our recliner and matching ottoman had been dreadfully faded by the sun. The surgeons matched the color of the leather to a new leather couch exactly, patched up the rip and waxed and treated the couch. Eunice's communication is top notch. Such a professional team. I am happy to be a reference for them. Any time. Sue Cameron 0720862552

    Susan Cameron


    We have just received back our leather lounge suite, which went in for reconditioning. The results are nothing short of a miracle. This lounge suite had suffered badly from the ravages of time,two cats and a dog. It was stained, scratched, worn, faded and scarred. We could not see how it could be restored to optimum condition. When the carriers brought it into the lounge we couldn’t believe the transformation. It looks brand new. Do you have wizards, goblins and magicians working for you? Not only is the standard of work extraordinary but the job was done within the week as quoted. Thank you. We are having frequent “lounge suite” viewings and receiving astonished comments and praise from our friends.

    Jamie C. Pitzer

    Head of Marketing